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December 11, 2023 (Monday)
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Gas assembly
Heating assembly

Plumbing, gas- and heating assembly with!

Your water outlet got clogged up? Time to clean the eaves? Feeling like switching your gas convector to something else?
Our colleagues are there to help you!


Pipe breakage, clogging removal
Water pipes often split and break and places unseen and we can only be aware of the problem when we see a huge water stain or moistening. Our colleagues can precisely pinpoint the location of pipe breakage so that you wouldn’t be bothered by exposing the whole water pipe system.

With our equipment we can clean out any toilets, bathrooms, showers, sinks or any drainpipes without needing any kind of demolition.

Water assembly plumbing
We can implement water-conduit and water-course networks into houses flats being built or waiting for renovation. We can guarantee full service from procurement to the finishing touches.

Request our quote and receive a free on-spot assessment!

Installing bathroom and kitchen accessories
If you want to install showers, toilet or bathtub taps, sink taps or any kind of valve battery, contact

We can implement a system of eaves to lead away rainwater, be it a rooftop or suspended system of eaves from zinc-galvanized plates, aluminium, coloured aluminium or red copper. We can also repair, clean, paint and maintain your disused eaves.

Request our quote and receive a free on-spot assessment!

Gas assembly

We can implement complete gas systems, the implementation, maintenance and repair of gas boiler, radiators, boilers and gas pipes.

To extend the lifespan of gas equipment, maintain them properly and carefully. It is recommended to supervise your equipment at least once a year to reduce the chance of failure.

You can contact us about any gas assembly work that you need to get done.

Heating assembly

Think about cold winter nights and have a proficient heating system, one that’s comfortable and fitting!

Radiator installation, hypocaust implementation, starting up heating systems, de-aeration.
Maintenance and repair of heaters, repair and change of purging (and other kind of) valves.
Request our quote and receive a free on-spot assessment!

If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our colleagues via any possibility listed in the contacts menu!


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