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Maintaining air conditioning units

Maintenance once a year – better health, saving energy!

Maintaining your air conditioners at least once a year is a must – not only can you save a significant amount of energy but you can also extend the life of the A/C units by 5-10 years!

We believe you know how air conditioners work, what their advantages are and what you are obliged to do about their maintenance. If you feel you are not fully aware of these facts, we would like to point out a few facts for you. The lack of maintenance might lead to certain respiratory illnesses or allergies – thus, you are not only responsible for your own health but also for the health of your family, colleagues and all around you. A/C unit manuals also highlight the importance of cleaning and maintaining the indoor units – as the prerequisite of clean and filtered air is a clean indoor unit.

You will need to clean your system at least once a year after it has become operational. Only a clean indoor unit with clean filters can circulate clean and well-filtered air.

At the end of the season people switch off their air conditioners and switch it back on during the season. As the indoor unit displays no signs of any chemical reaction inside, users tend to forget about vapor molds and other contaminants as well as the filters clogged with dust or other materials.

The essential thing about maintenance is cleaning, the switching or washing of the filters and the application of special disinfectant sprays.

The outdoor unit also needs to be maintained every year to extend the life of the air conditioner and conserve more energy.

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