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December 11, 2023 (Monday)
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Color your home with!

Would you renovate your flat or did you dream about recolouring your home? Did the colours wear off on the door and windowframes or would you perhaps like your furniture to be painted? Contact us and we’ll realize your ideas!

Decoration, paperhanging

Colour harmony, quality and precise work. The secret to long lifespan decoration is expertise. Every paintwork begins with the repair and treatment of the wall, as even the best paints can be wasted if the surface is not handled well. Only after the well prepared treatment does the colourful and visual part of the work begin – colouring, decoration or paperhanging.
After paintwork comes cleaning and there is nothing to worry about - our colleagues will protect your home with the utmost attention. They will cover your furniture, disengage the wall switches and tape down other surfaces. You just have to awe and wow at the new colours of your home!

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Our services:
-- Wall repair and cleaning (scraping off the old surface, repairing the surface blemishes).
- Treatment of molded surfaces, covering them with a waterproof layer.
- Priming.
- Glazing.
- Wall colouring
- Paperhanging
- Speedpainting
- Placement of moulding and decorative elements
- Plasterboarding (dividing wall, suspended ceiling, premise wall).


Painting peeling off, colours worn out. Refresh your doors, windows or even furniture! We will dismount your doors, windows and furniture, place them on racks, cover the glass parts to avoid any contact with paint or other chemicals. We will protect your parquet or floor as well. Priming is a significant first task with daubing, as this is what helps paint to have a long lifespan. Then comes daubing, followed by the assembly remounting of doors, windows and furniture.

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Our services:
- Surface preparation (polishing, repairing faults).
- Staining.
- Daubing.

Bulkhead and frontage painting

Weather primarily hits the bulkheads and frontages of houses and buildings. With the right amount of attention and the selection of the proper materials you can moderate the detrimental effects of weather. Nowadays this is easy – you have a huge range of weatherproof materials and paintings at your disposal.
Our colleagues will select the best materials depending on the location of your house or building and after a careful repair of the surface they will paint your bulkhead and frontage.

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If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our colleague!

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