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AC GLOSSARY - AC glossary

TApparently meaningless minutes spent with completely unheard and untintelligible special words and phrases? We believe many of us have memories like this. As air conditioning technology does have a number of special expressions that you need to be aware of, we prepared a short glossary that will lay out some key elements for you.

Automatic restart function
In case of a short circuit or a power cut, the device automatically restarts, based on preset values.

Fan coil unit
A device consisting of a heating or a cooling coil and a fan. Ideal for the heating or cooling of bigger family houses or office buildings.

Fix RPM unit
Air conditioning units regulate by switching on and off the compressor, thereby making room temperature uneven and fluctuating. Not an energy saving solution.

Throttle valve
An element of the coolant circuit responsible for getting the refrigerant into the vaporizer only in its liquid form.

Related to the cooling process, this module ensures the presence of a secondary cooling medium, like water.

Heat pump device
Air conditioning units are also capable of heating during the in-between and the winter seasons. Certain AC units are also able to equalize extreme thermal circumstances, thus heating in a more acceptable way.

The agent in the coolant circuit. In modern AC units various materials are used as refrigerants, all common in one thing: they do not contain HFC or HCFC gases (also known as freon gas) that would harm the ozone layer. Types used today would be R410a or R407c.

Inverter air conditioner
The main advantage of the inverter technology is energy efficiency. The interverter regulates the air conditioner by altering the compressor speed in response to cooling demand: switches to a lower RPM if a higher value is not necessary, thus the thermal flow can be regulated more precisely. Traditional air conditioners switch on or off to regulate room temperature which leads to a much higher energy loss.

Twin rotary compressor
A piece of Toshiba technology: consists of a pair of inversely rotating compressors, thereby guaranteeing mechanic stability and eliminating a large percentage of shaking. The RPM level is easy to regulate, fitting any performance needs. Has a much lower noise level than traditional compressors.

The most important element in the air conditioner is the compressor. It has the largest uptake, it is the biggest source of noise and also the most expensive element. The compressor quality defines the quality of the air conditioner itself.

Air ionizer
A device that electrically charges air molecules, creating negative ions or anions. According to studies, anions in the air have a positive effect on metabolism, revigorating the body and the mind.

Mono split air conditioner
An air conditioner unit consisting of an indoor and an outdoor unit.

Multi-split air conditioner
An outdoor unit with more (usually 2-4) indoor units.

Plastic filter
Accessory to all units is a washable plastic filter with a large surface that filters the dust particles from the air.

Operation range
The output of the air conditioner units in heating/cooling mode. Certain AC units can work in a very wide range.

Plasma filter
An effective two-step electric filtration method that guarantees purification by getting rid of the smallest particles.

Precise thermal regulation
Thanks to the inverter technology, we can now quickly reach the preset value for room temperature and ensure it precisely without any thermal fluctuation whatsoever.

Split air conditioner
Air conditioners with a split design – with one outdoor and at least one indoor units.

Super disinfectant filter
An intelligent filter system that battles bad smells, bacteria, virii and allergens by bamboo- and gingko essence and bioenzymes.

Assembly duct length
When working with split air conditioners, one has to thrive for making the shortest possible duct length that is regulated by the compressor output.

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